Financial Aid and Other Financial Assistance Information

We seeks to enable all motivated and talented students to achieve their academic and professional potential. Most educational loans offer more favourable terms than other consumer loans, so we encourage students to apply for these loans before considering other financing options. Educational loans must be repaid, so we suggest you only borrow what is necessary.

We are working with external organisation to help you getting the loan.


The right education is a fresh start for a better future. However, we understand that education costs can be a barrier to thrive. Therefore, the education loan provided by KoinPintar can be the right solution by providing you the chance to develop your self-potential. Join the KoinPintar borrower network and build the Indonesian Smart Generation.


CICIL ( adalah sebuah perusahaan teknologi finansial berjiwa sosial. Tujuannya adalah memberikan akses kemudahan pembiayaan bagi mahasiswa. Karena lembaga pembiayaan konvensional membutuhkan sejarah kredit atau pendapatan minimum sebagai syarat pengajuan pinjaman, fasilitas pembiayaan mahasiswa sangat terbatas.